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Services Offered:

  • Lumpers / Palletization
  • Forklift Operators
  • Order Selectors
  • Sanitation Associates
  • General and Specialized Labor
  • Pallet Runners
  • Office Personnel
  • Driver Helpers
  • Cherry lift / Slip Sheet Operators
  • Tractor / Trailer Fleet Washers
  • Receivers / Auditors / Warehouse Clerks
  • Loaders/Un-Loaders

WFMS – Wireless Freight Management System

Belmar Unloading Services has designed a WFMS platform to expedite the unloading function for our customers, produce easily accessible reports to management providing our customers with vital logistics data through the internet.

  • Customized OS and Freight Management applications that capture all data related to every Vendor/Customer transaction.
  • Our Mobile handhelds are powered utilizing a satellite network with Belmar's own proprietary wireless network, which is independent from our customers network.
  • All of our handhelds are Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 compatible allowing us to "beam" data to any peripheral with Bluetooth capabilities.
  • All data is wirelessly uploaded daily to our Server and automatically stored in an Access database that can easily be converted to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Features of the Wireless Freight Management System (WFMS)
  • Features of the Wireless Freight Management System (WFMS)

Features of the Wireless Freight Management System (WFMS)

  • Mobile Hardware that digitally records every freight receipt and wirelessly transmits data to the Belmar Server.
  • All data is accessible to your management over the internet, by logging onto Belmar's Database Server.
  • Reports can be emailed to you as a spreadsheet weekly, if desired.
  • All mobile units have a camera and email capabilities which allow our VCB Assist Program.
  • Programmed on a Linux platform, allowing total customization and is scalable to fit your needs as they change.
  • Any type of data pertaining to the load can be captured and recorded.
  • This new technology will provide you the ability to measure all variables of in-bound freight and measure them.

Mobile Technology Features

  • Our WFMS creates serialized receipts in a digital file containing all data pertinent to the load. These files are converted into our Access Database which will be sent to our customers via email in whichever Microsoft application they choose.
  • Receipts are digitally stored on our server and any load can be accessed instantaneously at our customers request. These files will also contain a digital signature of the driver or carrier as proof of acceptance.
  • Every transaction creates a paper copy of the receipt including the driver/carrier signature that is wirelessly transmitted to a Bluetooth mobile printer.
  • Our WFMS will create monthly management reports, weekly production analysis, and daily recaps as requested by our customers, which are easily convertible to Access, Excel or Word file formats.

Software and Server

  • Our Technology was custom built from the ground up, with the focus set on streamlining efficiency and improving operations, so that our customers can better measure, analyze and manage any and every aspect our their in-bound freight logistics process.
  • Our Linux Secure Server is not susceptible to Windows Mal-ware or Virus attacks and can be customized to capture whatever data is needed.
  • Upgrades are very cost minimal, allowing us to include your Management Team on yearly software update designs.
  • All Data is accessible from any computer in the world with an internet connection, when given a user name and a password.

Belmar's VCB Assist Program

Belmar understands the difficulties that a Distribution Center has to go through in order to get credit for damaged or unacceptable product that is delivered.

We have integrated into our technology a way to assist in this matter.

If product comes in damaged or is just plain unacceptable to receive, our personnel will take a photo of the product and send an email to your Inventory Control Supervisor containing:

  • A picture of the problem product
  • A copy of the receipt from the carrier who delivered the product.
  • A digital copy of the drivers signature, linked to the receipt and PO.
  • A detailed explanation of the issue written by our supervisor in an email.

This email will contain everything you would need to promptly receive a credit; Thus saving time, energy, money and headaches.

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